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SF East Bay Cut Ups

. . . . a clown flash group working in the San Francisco Bay Area

This is a group forming in the San Francisco East Bay of clowns that will meet and clown together not as performers, but as a group going into the community to spread clown joy not only for the community, but for our own spirit. Some of us will continue to work at Kaiser Hospital Oakland and at other hospitals and health care venues in the Bay Area. See contact info below

Information and Handouts for new Care Clowns

My Mis-Takes by Shobi Dobi reprinted from The Joyful Journey of the Caring Clown, edited by Anita Theis

Dressing to Fit the Occasions (Costumes) from Shobi Dobi

Taking the Caring Clown Into Your Plain Clothes Life ~ Shobi Dobi

Developing Your Character in Your Bathroom Mirror
. . . . . . . . . . . . and Other Ordinary Places!
by Shobi

Drawing Out the Spirit, An editorial by Shobi Dobi

Ordinary People ~ Extraordinary Times by Shobi

What Could Be Better than Our Own Silly Faces,
Appropriate make-up for the Care Clown
from Shobi

Contact Information

Contact Shobi:

Skype: ImShobiDobi (This is the best way to contact Shobi)

Phone: 510 644-8010

Shobi's Resume

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