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Front Page of Volume 1 No 1 with images of hospitalized children with their face paintedDecember 1995

Vol. 1, No. 1

Putting on a Happy Face

How to make a clown nose from a ping pong ball. (Shobi has been making these nose for workshops for 15 years) Face painting on the pediatric floor -- includes Face painting and Hygiene protocols for the hospital.

Where Angels and Clowns Tread -- Ever So Lightly ~ Near death Experiences with Children

There's a Giggle in Your Heart - Stethoscopes and bubbles

On Balloon Flowers and Gloves - Shobi Dobi

Tips from a Wise Old Duck (Shobi's Puppet "Birdie Bird"

Hospice Birthday Parties -- by Maryann Green

A Sweet Christmas Story -- Shobi's first day as a Hospital Clown

Front Page of Volume 1 no 2 with photos of Shobi in Russia and IndaiApril 1996

Vol. 1, No. 2

Travels with Pookey Do

Shobi went through Russia to India and back to Russia in January 1996 with a fuzzy sheep dog puppet.

The Warmth That is India

Shobi's experience clowning at a Prasad Project "Eye Camp" in the Tansa Valley, Ganeshpuri, India

From Lanky's Corner in Russia

Clowning in Russia from Danny Kollaja

We are Help Itself! from Shobi

Rubber Chicken Corner - Site Gags

From "The Biggest Riddle Book in the World" Sterling Publishing Co., NYC

Front Page of Volume 1 No 3 with impages of Rosie's Rubber chickensJuly 1996

Vol. 3, No. 3

Little Red Riding Chicken -- from Rosalie Gerber aka "Rosebud"

Rosebud shares her puppet shtick

Someone Else in the World Does Care - From Danny Kollaja and Carrie Pruitt

Experience of Clowning in Russia

The Fine Art of Elevator Clowning ~ from Shobi

The elevator - smallest stage in the hospital. Don't miss the opportunity to play.

Listening At The Bedside Of The Dying ~ Sogyal Rinpoche

Squeaky G Stethoscope

Front Page of Volume 1 no 4 with photo of Mini the rabbit puppetOctober 1996

Vol. 1, No. 4

Meet Mini, Shobi's Best Buddy

This little puppet goes everywhere Shobi goes - Hospitals, Russia, China, England, etc. She can do a full magic show at a bed side or entertain a rained out picnic!

Opening Doors and Creating Small Miracles

From B.B. Widdop and Eugene Luttrell

Courage and the Open Heart (quotes)

Flower Child - and experience in ICU

Gesundheit! -- by Patch Adams (before the movie)

Stress Busters: How to vanish a red sponge ball

Carrying it! and Mind Floss

Shtick: A bag to carry your stuff in and making mind floss

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