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Frong Page of Vol 11 No 1 featuring Don't Shoot The Clowns and Charlie's ChaplainsJanuary 2007

Vol. 11, No. 1

Don't Shoot The Clowns, by Jo Wilding from London

Taking a circus to the children of Iraq, Feb. to May 2003

Charlie's Chaplains

Volunteer Care Clowns at Frye Regional Medical Center in Hickory, North Carolina.

On being the flags of love and vessels of wonder

From Shobi Dobi

Elvo Goes to Lebanon

Aaron West aka "Elvo" from Wellington, New Zealand

At the Battlefront in Israel

Zvi Peretz Cohen, a Ossinging NY native now living in Northern Israel brings comic relief school children in Is real

Painting the Town Red .. Green.. Yellow... Blue

John Glick (from Geshunit!) reports on a trip to Peru with Airline Ambassadors and the Bola Roja Hospital Clowns

Travels with Selena

Selena McMahan writes her experiences traveling with Clown Without Borders in South Africa

Three Stories to Touch Your Heart

"Children Are All Ages" by John Haldane, Phoenix, AZ

"Such a Sweet Moment," from Jeannie Lindheim, of Brookline MA

"On Wednesdays I Wear Beads," A poem by hospital/ambassador clown Joseph Redman, of Satin Texas

ng the Tidewell ClownsAugust 2007

Vol. 11, No. 2

Clowning Around Town

A Fun-Raisin' Fund-Raiser or TideWell's Children's Hospice and Palliative Care Programs. FL

The TideWell Clowns

Wondering Around the Face of Death

Includes a chart - Developmental Ages of Children and Possible Reactions to Death

Living a Little Deeper in Our Souls, from Shobi

The Joyful Journey of Nursing Home Clowning

A guide written and edited by Anita Thies, Includes "The Magic of Conscious Breath," from Shobi

New Orleans Clown Outreach Tour, 2007

A group of clowns from Yakima WA travel to New Orleans to offer some fun and gaiety to the children of New Orleans

Hola! Caring Clowns Cruise Adventure in Mexico

Greta King and Lynda Del Grande, caring clowns from Toronto Canada visit children's shelters in Mexico

"Bring in the Clowns," Using the Spirit's Creative Gifts

Review of a book by Bud Frimoth of Portland Oregon. Bud shares how clowning opened up his ministry to new experiences.

Front Page of Vol 11  No 3 showing  disaster shelter clowningFebruary 2008

Vol. 11, No. 3

Red Nose Relief and Crisis Response

The call went out and the clowns responded. In October 2007 Southern California Fire evacuations resulted in the largest movement of Americans since the civil war - nearly one half a million people)

Comic Relief for Northwest Flood Victims

Clowns from Yakima WA go to shelters during Northwest floods

No Reservations Needed from Chip Daly

Chip Daly of Lebanon, New Hampshire goes to camp with Maria’s Children in Russia

Putting Smiles on the Faces of Our Troops

The Red Nose Institute a project to send red sponge clown noses to troops deployed anywhere overseas.

Rhythms of the Road by Jeff Raz

Jeff Raz shares his experience traveling/ performing as the lead (Dead Clown) in Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Corteo.’

It’s a Small World After All

A Clown Adventure in the Ukraine from Dean Cotton of Fayettville, Georgia

Here’s “Blab-i-Gail

aka Dorothy Miller of of Orland Park, Illinois

Flashing a Smile from Shobi

Exploring the Link between Gratitude and Attention

An article by Gregg Krech reprinted from “Thirty Thousand Days: a journal for purposeful Living. Comments by Shobi Dobi

Front Page of Vol 11 No 4 featuring Ruth Cull of Ottawa  Canada and John Glick in HaitiSeptember 2008

Vol. 11, No. 4

Junior Clowns on Rounds, Molly Penny aka Ruth Cull's "Never Ending Story"

Ruth, a Registered Nurse who works at Children's Hospital Of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa Canada. She shares her experience and "shtick" which all come from the children themselves.

How many kids can a clown hug at one time?

Gesundheit’s Humanitarian trip to Haiti to work with Susie Krabacher and Mercy and Sharing, from John Glick.

Angels of a Lower Flight by Susie Scott Krabacher

One Woman's Mission to Save a Country. . . One Child at a Time. The work of Mercy and Sharing in Haiti "This book is not a tale, but an experience" Reviewed by Shobi

The Guinea Kid by Saran Ruth

An important book for clowns who work with children and their families to gain insight into the child's family experience. Yes this is Guinea as in guinea pig!

The Happy Heart Party: Nurse Bandi-Aid

The Newsletter Losses It's Best Cheerleader: Muktabai Gieger

Remembering Homer: Don "Homer" Burda

The Press Mess, News media on "Warped" Drive

The Space to Care study from the University of Sheffield, England and the mis-reported journalism causing "Clowns are Scary" to be headlines around the world. The actual "Space to Care" study slide show presentation included.


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