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Front Page of Volume 2 No. 1 with photo of The Comedy Connection of Clearwater FloridaJanuary 1997

Vol. 2, No. 1

Morton Plant Mease Comedy Connection of Clearwater, Florida

The Comedy Connection Video Cart

The Comedy Connection Of Clearwater Florida, This group was written up again in Vol 7 No 4

Loving Touch And Tender Loving Care from Richard Snowberg and Shobi Dobi

TLC in the Hospice by Nicki Zwerin

Open Heart Listening by Shobi Dobi

The Gentle Art Of Doing Nothing by Mark Renfro

Dare To Care - Humor In The Community Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty – Mississippi Sheriff

The Outlaw Balloons Controversy - Using Balloons In Health Care Facilities

Little Squeaks and Warm Fuzzies

Front Page of Volume 2 no 2 showing photo of Charlie Lubin in clownMarch 1997

Vol. 2, No. 2

Here's Charlie, Charlie Lubin, A Very Special Clown (Cover)

This Little Heart Of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine, Let It Shine Let It Shine, Let It Shine

Clowning With Developmentally Disabled Children And Young Adults; A Lesson Plan From Arina Isaccson And Clown Theater With Developmentally Disabled Young Adults -- Christina Lewis - San Francisco Clown School

Seeing a Need and Filling It, Clowns at Camp by Eugene Lutrrell

Clowning with Seriously Ill Children ~ from Dr. Femur Bonehead, N.D. a.k.a. Paul Robinson, Ph.D.

The Great Balancing Act of Healing and Dying -- Stephen Levine

The Laughter - Immune Connection,
by Lee Berk Dr.P.H., and Stanley Tan, M.D., Ph.D.

Love Does It All, from Kathryn Robinson of Holiday, Florida.

A clown who works with dogs and cats in therapeutic settings

Volume 2 No 3 showing pictures of the Quartzite Arizona ClownsAugust 1997

Vol. 2, No. 3

The Quartzsite Clowns - AZ

Mary “Bubbles” Hokenstad "Bubbles In Oncology"

Little Lolli’s Big Heart From Jackie Garner

Includes: "I Love You Wollie," a story that will touch your heart; and, Special Moments and Memories, and a poem "I Want to Be a Memory."

Lollie's Circus, a Hospital Clown Routine form Jackie

Hanging in their Joyfully, Passion and Persistence, from Patch Adams

Sharing the Darkness, The Spirituality of Caring, by Sheila Cassidy from England

No Balloons, Now What do We Do?

Due to the dangers of Latex allergies, balloons are no longer allowed in most hospitals in the USA

What Could be Sillier Than Our Own Sweet Faces

Simplifying Makeup for the Hospital - Revised in 2003 from Shobi

Volume 2 No 4 shobing image of clown in heavenNovember 1997

Vol. 2, No. 4

The Little Clown in Clown Heaven, An Experience from Mama Clown, Marcela Murad

Angels in Waiting from From Bud and Lenore Frimoth a.k.a. Zyppurr and Wrinkle of Portland, Oregon

"Angels in Waiting" is what the nurses in this hospice call their little patients.

Understanding Children with Cancer from Shobi

Doc Willikers . . . . . . . . . . The Funny Bone Doctor a.k.a. Paul Hooson of Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada

Paul Hooson has been work as a professional therapeutic clown at BC Children's Hospital since the early 1990s.

Exercise Foolishness from Korey Thompson

Korey Thompson's discusses the program she created at Luther Manor Elder Day Care Center in Milwaukee.

High Noon in the Garden of Good and Evil from Shobi and Reflections on the Coming Changes by Nicki Scully

Rosebud's Apron - Roselie Gerber of Lacey WA shares her hospital clown apron

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