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Front Page showing  Clowns on RoundsFebruary 1998

Vol. 3, No. 1

Clowns on Rounds: A Hospital Clown Program in Upstate New York.

This is the beginning of present day "Clowns on Rounds" in the Albany, New York area. The group is reviewed again in Vol.7 No.1

The Hygiene Mind Set: Hygiene for Hospital Clowns

Dr. Bucket and Dr. Bumper T. Clown: New Jersey Hospital Clowns: (Bob Bleiler and George Edwards)

This is the beginning of the Bumper T Clowns in NJ (See Vol For update)

Be Joy! by Gina Rose Halpern

Be Alive, Be Aware, Be a Clown - Shobi Dobi

Telling Our Stories - Shobi Dobi

Teaching Without Preaching and Funny in the Process: Betty Shrader of Louisville Kentucky

Betty shares this skit her clown group did at a staff meeting at Hospital of Louisville, KY

Fun Time Travelers: Clowns on their way through Mexico - from Bart Marcy

Experience from Sun Flower aka Loraine Rogers

Doc Rory: Muriel “Hayyou” Stone shares her puppet

Description of Magic Loop Trick, from Bruce and Carole Johnson

Front Page of Vol 3  No 2 shobing Robo the Clown whos started  the Therapeutic Clown Program in TorontoMay 1998

Vol. 3, No. 2

Robo’s Legacy, Karen Ridd, Clown and Child Life Therapist from Winnipeg Canada

This was the beginnings of therapeutic clowning in Canada

Developing Your Character in Your Bathroom and Other Ordinary Places – Shobi Dobi

Cultivating Gentleness - Shobi Dobi

Therapeutic Clowning With Person With Dementia -- Korey Thompson

Overcoming The Pinnochio Complex by Michael Titze, Ph.D. There are links to articles from 1998 - 2010

The Humor And Heath Community Loses Four Of It's Finest.

An Auto Accidents Takes The Lives of The Publisher Of The Journal Of Nursing Jocularity (Doug Fletcher) And Cast Of “Who's Got The Keys.”

The Magic Of Rubber Cement and Easy To Make Juggling Balls

Frpmt {age pf Vp; 3 Mp 3 sjhowing some of the Prescott ClownsSeptember 1998

Vol. 3, No. 3

The Prescott Clowns: an After School Program in Oakland CA.

This group was started by Aileen Moffitt, in 1984 in her second grade classroom at Prescott Elementary in West Oakland. Here is their orginal Mission Statement. In 2001 they became The Prescott Circus Theatre.
Please see them today (Below)

Today (2014) The Prescott Clowns are called the PRESCOTT CIRCUS "…to engage and empower youth through circus and theatre arts training!" There new website as of January 2015

Emotional Intelligence . . . and the Masks We Wear-- from Shobi

Children's Theater . . . and Bruce Marrs Dell'Arte, Blue Lake, CA

Pipe Cleaner Twisitng: Fuzzy sticks, a substitute for the "outlawed" balloon twisting.

Front Page of Vol 3 No 4 showing Rubert, Dave Langdon of WinnipegDecember 1998

Vol. 3, No. 4

Celebrating the Child -- Hubert the Clown, aka David Langston of Winnipeg, Canada who is also a Child Life Specialist.

Clown Child Life Specialist (David Langston) Position Statement

Beyond Goofy to Teddy Bear Range from Shobi Dobi

"Life is like learning to play the violin and giving a concert at the same time" from Barbara Noland aka Twinkles the clown and Program Coordinator of Hospice and Palliative Care Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada

Smiling Inside and Outside, I am Beatrice Buttons of Whitehorse, Yukon

Sounds of Music A few musical Instruments for hospitals

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