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Front Page of Vol. 6 No 1 showing  the doctors at  Calgary 911 Life Shavers - a fund -razor for Kids Cancer Foundation of Alberta CanadaMarch 2001

Vol. 6, No. 1

Per Mission to Play: On the cover doctors form Alberta Children's Hospital get their heads shaved in a Fun-Razor for Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta Canada

Per Mission to Play: Puppet Play Sight Gags, Give-aways, Badges of Courage . . . .

The Shanghai Five - After hearing the stories from clown who went to China Vol 5 No4) five children from Shanghai go to Medical City in Plano Texas for faciocaranial surgery

The Magic of Silence -- from Susan "Rosie" Prindle

"There's Still a Foot of Snow in the Back Yard, but the Pussy Willows are Blooming!" from Janet Koschzeck of Whitehorse Yukon

Miss Loosie, the Clown from Calgary, Alberta Cana

How Clowns Can Share the Sol and Spirit of Laughter Clubs with Seniors from Jackie Kwan "Elfinya"

Compassionate Touch - Inspired by Dawn Nelson

BeBop -- Aurora Krause of San Antonio, Texas

Front Page of Vol. 6 No 2 featuring Caroline Simonds and Le Rire Medecin of FranceJune 2001

Vol. 6, No. 2

Le Rire Médecin and Caroline Simonds aka Dr. Giraffe, founder of Le Rire Médecin (Laughter Medicine) Paris, France

Le Rire Medecin Code of Ethics

ER . . . Eggshell Row. Tales from Mona O'Lovely (Mona is Shobi’s hospital clown partner - she is a puppet, but don’t let her hear you say that)

Anything but Serious Clowns, From Valerie Haley Program Specialist for Kettering Medical Center Network Years Ahead Program, Dayton, Ohio

Anything But Serious Give-Aways to make.

Creating the Play Space from Camilla Gryski of Toronto, Canada

The Gentle Art of Connecting from Laura Haldane of Mesa Arizona

A View from the Other Side of the Funny Bone Repair Unit, from Allen "Boomer" Bryant, a hospital clown in the hospital

FTC (Foundation for Therapeutic Clowning) Gets Some Very Special Funding. By Arne Swensen of Scottsdale AZ

Front Page of Vol 6 No 3 - showing a hobo clown with the Wall Street Newspaper.  This issue after 9/11.  Is there a place in this grief for a clown? October 2001

Vol. 6, No. 3

The Story Behind the Newsletter Headline Page

Clowning in an Ocean of Grief: Comments from clowns and stories of clowns who went down to Ground Zero after the tragedy in New York City

Clowns do make a difference, and I have the memories to prove it from John Kapherer aka “Clem T” of Ramsey New Jersey. John came home from work, got into “Clem T” took the train to Penn Station in NYC and walked down to Ground Zero. Here are some of his comments.

The Happy Heartbeats -- An Effort from The Heart: From New Jersey

Peruvian Clown Relief: In the previous June John Kapherer received a call on Saturday morning from the Red Cross. By Saturday Night he was on a plane for Peru’ earthquake territory.

Send in the Clowns – Siberia by Bill Waters “Rigoletto” of Marquette Michigan

Dr. Bugg: A pioneer Hospital Clown (Chuck Rinkel)

The Center Ring: by Pat Barnere and Judy Vermillion-Witt

Front Page of Vol 5, No4 showing a group of clowns that visite Ground Zero in NYCJanuary 2002

Vol. 6, No. 4

Clown National Guard: From the Joyful to the Profoundly Sad and Back Again --The Clowns continued to go down to ease the burden of the workers at Ground Zero in NYC. These are their stories.

We Caring Clowns go not to mock tragedy,
but to caress it with our compassion,
We march straight into the battlefields of grief,
Armed with unconditional love, and our joyful silliness,
We bring a reminder of the resilience
and brilliance of the human spirit.
Gently tickling the heart and gathering forces in play,
we give fear a hearty shove.
Ah, Maybe the trickster Coyote has a soft belly after all.
~ Shobi Dobi

Nasha Cemyeyka An Arts Camp for Russian Orphans Affiliated with Marie’s Children of Moscow Russia

Clown Home Visits: A Brave New Challenge and a Brave New Journey

Doc Geezer: An Interview with Joe Barney by Arne Swensen

Angels Among Us, by the Real Santa Claus -- a review of a book by Phil Smart Sr.

Clown Chakras, anonymous from the Web

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