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Fron Page of Vol 9 No 1 Featuring  Iskandar Isamil in Post Earthquake IranJune 2004

Vol. 9, No. 1

After the earthquake in the city of Bam, Iran, clowns help to heal the emotional wounds of its people. The clowns that went to Iran and to the shelters in Turkey share their experience in the following two articles

Blowing Bubbles Among the Rubble - The experience of Iskandar Syah Ismail aka Dr. Bubbles shares his experiences in Iran

Happy Times with Uncle Button and Dr. Balloonie aka Sam Tee shares his experiences in Turkey with children of Iran's Disaster

"The Importance of Winging it and Swimming In the Zone" From Shobi Dobi . . . . In English. . . . in Japanese

They Stole Our Hearts - Cheryl “Queenie” Bailey, one of the Kettering Medical Center’s clowns, shares an experience.

Going the Step Beyond in Spreading the Joy from Klynky, aka Kay Henry of Killeen Texas

NRL Allergy ~ the "Skinny" on Latex Allergy (what is it really)

The Clown Doctor Chronicles by Caroline Simonds and Bernie Warren. A review with quotes by Shobi

Code of Ethics from Le Rire Médecin ~ Clown Doctors of France

Miss Judi and The Bow Wow Dog Show - Judy Hagen of Invermere BC Canada shares her clowning with her dogs in nursing homes

. . . Tripping across some deep hospital clown roots in Old London Town ~ An experience of Shobi Dobi in London

Front Page of Vol 9 No 2 featuring The Hospital Clowns of PortugalOctober 2004

Vol. 9, No. 2

The Caring Clowns of Portugal - Operação Nariz Vermelho ~ Operation Red Nose in Portugal

Operação Nariz Vermelho ~Fun Raising and Fund Raising

The Clowns of Operação Nariz Vermelho

"A Trek Across China to Tibet" by Joseph Redman - 50 clowns from al over the world travel with Patch Adams visiting schools, homes for the elderly parks, orphanages, villages, . . . .

Puttin' the Fun Back into Your Caring Clown Group - A commentary by Mona O'Lovely (Shobi's Puppet) from Shobi

The above article includes "Energizing Meeting and Building Community and Theater Games and "Sitting around with a bunch of friends on a dreary afternoon and making "give-aways" for the hospital.

Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay, My Oh My, What a Wonderful Day! or How I started my Humor Therapy Program by Kathy Keaton, Piccolo the Clown, of San Angelo, Texas

Side-FX a book not just for physician magicians, but for all of us who visit, work or play in a hospital -- written by two master magicians.

Front Page of Vol 9  No 3 featuring  the Caring Clowns of Japan and  Longmont ColoradoFebruary 2005

Vol. 9, No. 3

The Caring Clowns of Japan

This report was the first visit Shobi made to Japan (2004) and includes the Fukuoka Cultural Festival, reports on the work of Yoshiko Takada, Ton Chan, Packman and the Japanese Clinic Clowns.

The Caring Clowns of Longmont Unified Hospital - a Plantree model holistic hospital in Colorado.

Bring Laughter to the backyards of Argentina - A Clown One Italia Tour in 2004

Emails from Shelly in the Ukraine - clowns and humanitarian work in the villages and the mountains with HART (Humanitarian Aid Response Teams)

Taking the Caring Clown into Your Plain Clothes Life - Shobi Dobi

Rosie Hugs' Little Angels - Rose Mary Back of Centerville, Ohio shares her easy to make angel handouts

Frong Page of Vol 9 No 4 featuring Dave Langdon of Winnipeg CanadaMay 2005

Vol. 9, No. 4

Banana Nirvana! Therapeutic Clowning with Two Separate Clown Characters in Two Separate Styles - from Dave Langdon of Winnipeg's Children's Hospital

. . . the Next Wave . . . a Wave of Love and Laughter

With the Wave of Relief, Clowns from Around the World travel to Tsunami Countries damaged by the December 2004 Tsunami which affected 5 million people in Asia.

Clowning with Patch Adams in Sri Lanka from Jeremy Shafer of Berkeley CA

Kiwi Clown Brings Laughter to Banda Ache, Indonesia from Elvo the clown aka Aaron Ward of Auckland New Zealand

The Israel Dream Doctors got to Thailand

Clowning in Patzun, Guatemala with the Corpus Christi Mobile Dental Clinic from Shobi

Making Connections Form Camilla Gryski aka "Flora" a therapeutic clown from Toronto Canada

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