Clowns in Community and World Service

Workshops with Shobi Dobi

World Clown Association Convention 2012
San Diego , CA
March 20, 2012 Shobi will be at "Caring Clown Day" leading 3 sessions:

1) Clowning with Care: ICU, ER, Pallative,

2) Therapeutic Use of Puppets in the Hospital, and

3) The Caring Clown Jam on Tuesday evening.

Articles for WCA Workshops
Therapeutic use of Puppets:
Clowning with Care:



Find Your Inner Clown and Liberate Your Joy . . .
and Bring that Clown Joy into Your Community

Things we will do in this workhsop:

Laugh, scream, clown cry, play games, pick one of 40 masks and become it, become childish and play with it, become a generous listener, play in the present moment, pay attention, wear a red nose, find our inner critic, give it a hug and tell that critic to stand quietly in the corner.

Things we will not do in the workshop:

Balloon twisting, clown routines, prat falls, face painting, acrobatics, circus routines, birthday party games, puppet shows.

Workshop group with red noseWorkshop group in Japan with smallest mask in the world - a red clown nose

Shobi is in the middle of the above picture weariing the red and white stripped shirt.

Shobi Dobi the clown popped out of Shobhana Schwebke on her very first clown class with Arina Iscasson in 1988. She started clowning at Kaiser Hospital in 1993 and started The Hospital Clown Newsletter in 1995. For the past 15 years, she has been teaching caring clown workshops and humor workshops at conferences, hospitals, and community centers all over the world. She shares what she has learned in being a hospital clown - living in the moment and relating not only to staff and patients, but to the corner store clerk, the mailman, the passing lady with the fancy hat, and/or a grieving parent.

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